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Josephine Oboh-McLeod

Johfrim (Chief Josephine Oboh-MacLeod)

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Artist, Photographer, Designer at Johfrim Art & Design; Artistic Director of Phinessence.

She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.

She enjoys painting, sculpting, photography & design. A lot of her inspiration comes from nature.

She studied at Newbury College, Boston, USA, and did her Masters Degree at University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.

She studied Art at London Art College, UK; Interior/Garden Design at KLC School of Design, Chelsea Harbour, UK;

and Photography at Calumet Photography, Jessop Academy and Epson printing courses, UK. She participated in various Art and Design apprentices’ programmes.

She has been part of various Art Exhibitions and she has several of her works in international pri

vate collections. She is a member of various Art Groups. She now has her studios and residence in Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Artist Statement : Art is a creative process that will never stop existing. It is a gift to us that we need to appreciate. If we look around us we must not fail to notice the beautiful and impressive works of nature. I am committed to humanity. This is why I will quote Vincent Van Gogh  famous words ‘I am seeking, I am thriving, I am in it with all my heart’.


Nancy Barquero Gee

Fine Artist

 Venezuelan artist, sculptress and painter. Through the years I have learned that art is all around, and I obtain my inspiration from simple objects and scenes around me. I paint realistic and impressionistic subjects which are produced on site or from photographs, most of them photographs I have taken.  I like bright colours to record something, and make the ordinary look more beautiful, which gives me pleasure, whilst also challenging. I enjoy the act of creating and that gives me personal satisfaction.

I started my art education in year 2000 sculpting in Caracas, Venezuela at the art school “Taller Arte Fuego”.  I enjoy creating pieces of sculpture, but living abroad, it was not always easy to find the right foundries to reproduce sculptures, so I decided to commence painting. Through the years, I continued with my art education and I obtained a diploma in Creative Arts (DipHE), from UCA University (University for the Creative Arts) in England.

During my time in Malaysia I had the opportunity to learn about jewellery making. I took several courses in fashion jewellery and silversmithing,  which enabled me to provide jewellery teaching classes and to develop my own creations.

I had the opportunity to live in several countries around the world, Venezuela, Canada, Angola, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria and currently in England. During my stay in these countries I always visited art exhibitions and kept myself connected with the local art and artists, which has been a great experience that has enriched my art knowledge and cultural horizons.